Jumpstart events for the ForgetMeNot Africa eTXT Apps Challenge

March 19, 2012 in Challenges, event, Startups

ForgetMeNot Africa Apps Challenge

You’ve probably already noticed that the March event is the launch of the ForgetMeNot Africa eTXT Apps Challenge. We normally have our events mid-month, but we have pushed this month’s event to the 27th (Next week Tuesday).  For the developers and creatives among you, the exciting news this month is that, not only are we having the launch of the eTXT Apps Challenge but we’re also going to have two developer workshops the next day (28 March).

The workshops are designed to help participants in challenge better understand the technicalities of developing an app for the platform. The sessions will be facilitated by ForgetMeNot Software founder and Director of Technology, John Caroll. Some of you may know him from his blog on ZDNet.

It’s great enough participating in a challenge that offers an opportunity to create apps for a successful platform like eTXT. Now getting free training to do so is not something you want to miss. In short we hope you can make it to this one. As you may know, a similar apps challenge is currently underway in Kenya where ForgetMeNot Africa has partnered iHub and Safaricom.

Here’s the ForgetMeNot Africa page with full information about the challenge.

Please make a booking for the two events. Booking (as opposed to just showing up) helps us plan for the correct attendee numbers.

Here are more dates to keep in mind for the challenge:

4 May – Ideas Deadline

The deadline to submit your ideas and code online to be considered for the TestDrive is Friday the 20th of April. After this date ideas can still be submitted but you will not be eligible for the prizes. Any apps submitted after the deadline may still be launched earning revenue for developers on an on-going basis.

4th May – 11th May 2012 - Initial Ideas Feedback

Feedback on submitted initial ideas will be given by ForgetMeNot mentors before 4th May 2012.

25th May 2012 - Shortlist Deadline

The deadline of developers to submit an application to be considered for the Test Drive Final shortlist will be the 25th May 2012.

1st June 2012 - Shortlist announced for Test Drive final

The selected developers for the Test Drive Final will be announced on the 1st June 2012.

16th June 2012, Harare Club - Test Drive Final

The Apps Challenge Test Drive Final will be held Harare over the weekend beginning 16th June 2012 where winning teams and individuals can work and polish their ideas with mentors from ForgetMeNot Africa. Each team will present their final idea, business case and code to the judging panel and the winner will be announced. There can only be one main winner, however all other approved apps can be published meaning that the taking part really could be just as good as winning!

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